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Energie Innovation Low-E Ceilings

Low-E Ceiling

Save on Refrigeration Costs with a Low-E Ceiling

An Energie Innovation Astro-Rink Low-emissivity (Low-E) ceiling can be incorporated into new and existing rinks in order to reduce radiation loads, eliminate condensation problems and reduce the overall lighting requirements, making your rink more energy efficient, while at the same time improving its look.

Dramatic Reduction in Heat Radiated Back to the Ice Surface

Most arena ceilings radiate heat back to the ice, increasing the cost of keeping the ice cold. Energie Innovation Low-E (low-emissivity) ceilings substantially reduce the amount of this radiant heat that reaches the ice surface,  thus saving on refrigeration costs. Most ceilings radiate about 90% of the heat in the arena back to the ice. Low-E ceilings reduce that amount to around 5%. With less heat at ice level, refrigeration costs will drop.

Reduce Condensation, Improve Lighting

A Low-E Astro-Rink ceiling will also reduce humidity condensation on the ceiling and the drops of water that fall on the ice surface. Ceiling temperature will be higher, which will delay condensation when the humidity increases. A Low-e ceiling (aslo known as a reflective ceiling) can improve the quality and level of lighting by 40%.

What percent of energy cost is due to refrigeration?

Refrigeration accounts for approximately 45% of arena energy costs.

What percent of refrigeration costs is due to radiant heat?

About 25% – 35%.

How durable are the ceilings?

An Energie Innovation Astro-Rink Low-E ceiling is maintenance free and is warranted for the life of the building against puck damage. It also has a 5 year installation warranty.

How is light in the arena increased by the ceiling?

The polished aluminum surface of a Low-E ceiling has a reflective value of 90%, whereas typical arena construction materials (steel, wood and concrete) have relative low reflective values of 30%. The new ceiling increases the light levels, provides for a more even distribution of light, and reduces the shadows and glare.

The light levels in an arena will typically increase 25% – 40% over previous levels following the installation of an Ennergie Innovation Low-E ceiling. Several clients have seized the opportunity to decrease their lighting level output by strategic switching, relamping with lower wattage bulbs, installing dimming devices etc… This results in energy savings directly from the decrease in kilowatt consumption, as well as the reduction in radiant heat from the bulbs, and heat gain from ballasts.

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We are looking for an energetic, detail-oriented technician to assist in the repair of Zamboni ice resurfacers. Automotive experience preferred but any type of mechanical repair experience would also be considered. Hydraulic, electrical and propane fuel systems knowledge is a plus. This position involves troubleshooting machine problems and making necessary repairs. Most work will be done at our shop, but some travel to arena sites may be needed. Come join us in this specialized field.

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